sunset family portrait taken by Northern Ireland Family Photographer

When should we
Book a family portrait

The sweet point is generally 4-6 weeks if you are planning your family portrait. This allows for location planning and allows time if the weather is not working out. For some families though it may take a bit longer to plan especially if there is family traveling in from further away or a few families to get in one place. if you are wanting a specific season say spring or autumn it is advised to plan further ahead.

What will happen behind the scenes before book a family portrait photo shoot?

When you book a portrait session I will generally have a get to know you session. This can be done via email, Zoom/Phone call or over a cup of coffee. The main goal is to understand who you are and what makes you happy. I’ll find out how big your family is and their age/gender. What is the lifestyle of your family, all your dreams, loves, and interesting facts?
This first chat is the basis of amazing family photography. Yes! Type, speak & pour your heart into it, and connections and attachments will begin. Having enough time to build these relationships is key to successful and intimate photography.

A photographer can take great photos of people without pre-attachment (a great OMG photo if you think about the fashion industry), but in family photography, it’s human relationships, interactions, real smiles, always watching & looking for a serious moment to dig deeper and capture emotional moments, to get the best from our time together this first getting to know you chat must invite us into the circle of trust. By the time you meet on the day of the session, you will already have a relationship with the photographer. Trust is already there.

Selecting the perfect location

The location also plays a huge role in family photography. The look and feel of the image you want as a final product is going to be down to three things: location, weather/time of day & your clothing choice.

It is true that we – professional photographers – can create magic in ANY location. Give us a backyard and we’ll transform it into a dream spot (how? because we’re after human connection. The location is just that, a place). Having said that, the location drives the EXPERIENCE that your family we’ll have, it will be more or less epic depending on the location.

Think about the mood you’re in when you’re going on vacation. You feel awesome! You look forward to it and enjoy the entire journey there. Then think about a day trip, it’s shorter yet the same happy feeling in your belly. Going places translates in a happy mood, the expectation builds, especially if you have never been there before. Your kids get to explore a new place. The anticipation, the during, and the memories become treasures in your heart.

sunset family portrait taken by Northern Ireland Family Photographer
Family photographer Northern Ireland

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