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When should we Book a famiy portrait shoot?

The definition of “enough time” is very personal. For some families a week ahead is enough to book a family portrait, for others they may need months to get organised. Today I will share my point of view as a professional photographer.

You’ll find out all the benefits of having enough time to plan without rushing, especially if you have small children! In short, 4 to 6 weeks is a sweet spot (the time it takes to plan and style your shoot), but it might be too late to book a photographer who booked 6 months in advance or in the case of a wedding it could be all the prime dates for the next 2 years are booked.

What will happen behind the scenes before book a family portrait photo shoot?

When you book a portrait session I will generally have a get to know you session. This can be done via email, Zoom/Phone call or over a cup of coffee. The main goal is to understand who you are and what makes you happy. I’ll find out how big your family is and their age/gender. What is the lifestyle of your family, all your dreams, loves, and interesting facts?
This first chat is the basis of amazing family photography. Yes! Type, speak & pour your heart into it, and connections and attachments will begin. Having enough time to build these relationships is key to successful and intimate photography.

A photographer can take great photos of people without pre-attachment (a great OMG photo if you think about the fashion industry), but in family photography, it’s human relationships, interactions, real smiles, always watching & looking for a serious moment to dig deeper and capture emotional moments, to get the best from our time together this first getting to know you chat must invite us into the circle of trust. By the time you meet on the day of the session, you will already have a relationship with the photographer. Trust is already there.

Photography styles and Clothing Choices. 

Each photographer has his or her own unique style & creation process just like each family has their own clothing and location style, some are beach lovers some prefer a stroll in a park. Styling can have a positive affect or destroy a family’s attitude to photography. Planning your styling elevates and uplifts you’re emotions.

If you are planning a new wardrobe for your session order early, in an ideal world, everything is delivered quickly and on time. In the real world, there is a delay. In most cases, you must follow Plan B or C. Sizes may vary. If you have small children, you will need to resize them at the last minute. Allow enough time for troubleshooting and sizing to reduce the load on your plate. One family once chased a delivery truck on our way to a photo shoot. It’s important to have plenty of time before the meeting 😉

Location Location Location!  

Finding the perfect place, the location of the portrait shoot also plays a big role in family photos, this place offers an unforgettable experience for the family. Depending on the location, it can be somewhat epic. Think of your holiday mood. I feel good! They look forward to it and enjoy the entire trip there. Consider a day trip. It’s shorter, but feels like a mini get away. Going somewhere means a happy mood, especially if you’ve never been there. Kids will discover new places on their own. Expectations and memories will be treasured in the mind. With enough time, photographers can find a location that fits their family’s interests. You may have never taken pictures in the water. Your kid will enjoy climbing the big rocks. Perhaps you are dreaming of open fields and dramatic skies. 

As a photographer I do  have a few favourite spots where the lights work mysteriously no matter the weather. Some of them need to be booked well in advance (eg some sessions require a permit if its private land, so book 6-12 months in advance!). There are places to explore especially for you! If you have enough time between your reservation and the day of your session, you can give the photographer the freedom to find the perfect place to do it with his family.

Trust me. Look at these photos at sunset and think of the emotions & fun felt while exploring this stunning beach, The White rocks in Portrush.

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Book your Dream Photographer!

The biggest advantage of early booking is that it can be registered on the photographer’s calendar. Our schedules and availability are getting smaller every day. The most popular White Rocks sessions were booked 90 days ahead of time, while the Beach and Fall sessions were loved by everyone  and sell out in early every year, Sunset Beach  and colourful autumn portraits among the leaves must be booked in advance. Here you can find information about when and in what month to take fall family photos.
Professional photographers get to know & love their clients and sometimes become close friends. This is not just a picture, it is a relationship of life. We set priority appointments for our family customers so they have the opportunity to make an appointment first. This means that it is never too early to contact your dream photographer to book a family portrait session.  

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